Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Viigo - the best mobile app ever?

If, like me, you are beginning to think that owning a Blackberry feels like playing second fiddle to all those lucky souls with a spanky new iPhone, then you might be pleased to learn about an all-singing, all-dancing application called Viigo. Before I go on, no they are not a client of mine, I just happend across the application whilst reading Blackberry Cool which has covered it significantly. Now I am actually doing a bit of research into it, Viigo appears to be a lot more than just the RSS aggregator that I had previously assumed. Well, it is just an RSS reader, but it turns out it's a rather fancy one at that. Collating news, views and blogs across myriad channels of interest plus weather, podcasts, stock info (anyone actually use this function that seems to be on every phone manufacturer's list of launch apps??) and the usual collection of social media outlets, it is actually a great one-stop-shop application that happily keeps me entertained for the hour-long commute that I put myself self through twice a day. I'm not going to write a long review as I haven't the will nor the time, however I would encourage any fellow BB-ites to download it (it's free) and get stuck in.

The enterprise functionality is quite
intriguing too so I might come back to that in a later post.

On another note, because I haven't posted anything for ages I've been thinking about the best way of making time to post - I might start drafting posts on my BB in the morning (between Viigo sessions obviously) but ideally I'd like some kind of mobile blogging app I think - know of anything that actually works? Otherwise I might have to save for a netbook....eurgh

I also have some new technology arriving soon which is rather exciting - although I am pretty sure it takes me into the realms of geekdom - some network attached storage (NAS for the uninitiated) from Western Digital - My Book World Edition 1TB. I've been after some for ages so I am pretty pleased. Will let you know how I get on with it anyway.

A client of mine once famously said, "I mean, who has a terabyte of storage in their house?? I do but hey my kids are GEEKS!"....that w
as 4 years ago though and I think having a terabyte now is not unusual. If you add up all the storage in your house I bet you get close...(Sky+ 40GB, PS3 40GB, USB drive 250GB, PC 120 GB, MacBook Pro 120GB, old laptop lying around 40GB, NAS 1TB, assorted memorgy sticks, cards etc 12GB...!)

Lastly, I borrowed a marco lens from my wife's very kind godfather who works over at Canon - here's a couple of snaps from the shoot (it's a 60mm Canon EF-S similar to this one) - the calrity you get with a decent lens never ceases to amaze me - I'm still using my old Canon 350D body (a paltry 8MP!) but stick a good lens on it and it's like a £2,000 upgrade....:

Watch out for them others now!!

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