Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Wheels on The Way!!

Today's exciting news is that I have picked up my Evans Cycles Ride2Work voucher and sold off my old bike. New bike just around the corner!!!

The Ride2Work scheme encourages commuters to ride their bikes part or full way to work. Once your employer is signed up you can choose up to £1,000 worth of bike, accessories etc which you pay for out of your pre-tax earnings and don't pay the VAT. If you are a top band tax-payer this means effectively paying about £500 for a £1,000 bike! A fantastic bargain if you are after a new bike because you can afford something a little nicer and don't have to 1) pay up front or 2) take out credit with a finance company.

The wife is about to do likewise so keep an eye for us zooming through woods near you soon!

Watch out for them others....

UPDATE: Ordered my new Trek Remedy 7 which should arrive this week - cannot wait

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