Friday, 11 July 2008

Blog Mk. 2

OK, so the last time didn't work out but... this time it's back and hopefully slightly better. I just need to figure out the best time and place to get this online each day/week I think. If anyone has any ideas then let me know. Could really do with Wi-Fi on the train as that would mean I could blog on my way in to Barnes each day.

So anyway, some things I might cover on this blog in no particular order: mountain biking, technology, PR, photography, life in rural Surrey, life on Southern Trains, life...

Why bother? Well I was reading an ex-colleague's blog and it struck me that working in my position in tech PR, it would be a sin not to, and further to that, I sometimes feel that I should get a few things off my chest and there isn't always someone who wants to listen. The black hole of the internet could be the perfect place to shout.

Thanks for reading and watch out for them others.

PS - here is a photo of near where I live. It's not like this everyday...

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